Important Information Regarding Grievance

What to do if you disagree with your assessment and important information regarding grievance:

The first step if you feel your assessment is incorrect is to request an Informal Review with the town assessor. This step is not required, you may proceed to the second step without completing an Informal Review.

If you wish to request an Informal Review please fill out the appropriate form in order to schedule an appointment.

Residential Assessment Form
Vacant Land Assessment Form

The second step is to request a Formal Review. You will need to file a Grievance Form, RP-524 with the Assessor’s office. This form needs to be submitted four business days prior to the scheduled grievance date in order to receive an appointment in front of the Board of Assessment Review on Grievance Day (typically the 4th Tuesday in May).

For more information regarding the Grievance procedure please visit Contest Your Assessment

The information below is a guideline to help you through the grievance process; filing the grievance form. This information was taken from N.Y.S Assessors Association and the State Board of Real Property Services.

The right to grieve a perceived incorrect assessment is a vital component of the assessment process. The Board of Assessment Review is a Quasi-Judicial branch of government and there are procedures that have been set to make the process fair and less burdensome for all sides.

Below are a few of the procedures and bases for some of the rules the Board of Assessment Review uses.

First the Board of Assessment Review has decided that it will provide specific times, appointments for those wishing to grieve their assessment.

Below is the State Board Real Property Services Opinion of Council confirming the Board of Assessment Review ability to establish an appointment procedure:

A 2002 Opinion of Council SBRPS No. 28 states clearly that the Board of Assessment Review “…may establish its own procedures”. Furthermore; “The board of assessment review shall fix the place or places for the hearing of complaints in relation to the assessments and fix the hours of such hearing…Clearly, then, a board of assessment review is required to hear complaints (for the board in question, given its procedures, on an appointment bases) for at least four hours on grievance day…

Second the Board of Assessment review requires that those who wish to appear before them shall complete and return to the Assessor a Grievance Form (RP-524) four business days prior to the scheduled date. The Board of Assessment Review also asks that all complainants should submit full documentation specific to the individual property supporting the assessment he/she is requesting to the BAR with the grievance application. If such documentation is not submitted, the assessor has not been given the right to prepare a response. The BAR would then have the right to declare the grievance null and void, thus preventing the case from going forward to the Courts.

Below is the Section of Real Property law that establishes this procedure

…section 524 (1) also provides that: “Where a complaint is filled within three business days preceding such hearings, the board of assessment review shall grant the assessor’s request for an adjournment to permit the assessor to prepare a response to the complaint.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact the office.

If you would like to make an appointment to speak with the assessor please fill out the appropriate application form that will provide information necessary to help expedite the process.