When do you need a building permit?

Changes to properties and structures often require a Building Permit under the Codes of the Town of Rush. The following are some guidelines to help you determine if a permit may be required.

A Building Permit is required to:

  1. Erect, add onto, relocate or make structural changes to a building. This includes: an attached or detached accessory building such as a garage, carport, breezeway, storage shed, porch or patio, or permanently enclosing an existing porch.
  2. Install, relocate or remove interior partitions or walls.
  3. Enlarge, decrease or otherwise modify existing doors or windows.
  4. Install fire escapes, cellar stairs fire-rated enclosures or fire-retarded cellar ceilings in multiple dwellings.
  5. Repair fire damage.
  6. Demolish any structure.
  7. Erect an attached or unattached, open or covered deck.
  8. Install or replace a masonry chimney or metal flue stack.
  9. Install a swimming pool, in-ground or above ground.
  10. Install a permanent outdoor fireplace or barbecue.
  11. Install a fuel tank, gasoline tank, or other flammable liquid or gaseous tank either above or below grade.
  12. Install a satellite antenna.
  13. Install or replace a solid burning or gas burning device (i.e. wood stove, gas insert, etc.)
  14. Re-roof a dwelling.
  15. Install or replace plubming fixtures.
  16. Install or replace any electrical outlets, wiring, permanent fixtures and breatker or fuse boxes.  Any new or replacement electrical service installations also require a permit.
  17. Install a fence.
  18. Install or replace windows and exterior doors.
  19. Install or replace a generator.
  20. Install or replace solar panels.
  21. Install a new driveway.

A Building Permit is NOT required to:

  1. Make ordinary repairs which replace existing materials with new materials of like class and kind. For example, replacing porch steps or railings or making a minor roof repair or minor repair to a chimney or foundation wall does not require a permit.
  2. Install or replace gutters or downspouts.
  3. Install nonconductive, nonmetal siding.
  4. Install or replace sidewalk on private property.
  5. Pave or replace an existing driveway.