Committees and Boards

Board of Assessment Review

Name Term Ends
Donald Sweet, Chairperson 9/30/2021
Thomas DeVries 9/30/2022
Open Seat
Gayle Gallo-Lipp 9/30/2024
Open Seat

Conservation Board

Name Term Ends
Don Root 12/31/2022
Julia Lederman, Deputy Chair 12/31/2022
Patricia Kraus 12/31/2025
Susan Woolaver 12/31/2022
David Watson, Chairperson 12/31/2023

Library Board of Trustees

Name Term Ends
Karin Kirk 12/31/2024
Sharon Mason 12/31/2024
Steve Neumaier 12/31/2025
Letty Laskowski, Treasurer 12/31/2023
Hal Carter, Vice President 12/31/2025
Cindy Raymond 12/31/2025
Julia Lederman


Open Seat

Planning Board

AgendasMinutes, and Decisions are available online.

Name Term Ends
Stephen McPherson 12/31/2022
Jeffrey Werner 12/31/2025
Scott Strock 12/31/2024
Don Sweet 12/31/2021
Rick Wurzer 12/31/2023

Zoning Board of Appeals

Agendas, Minutes, and Decisions are available online.

Name Term Ends
Brad Herman 12/31/2021
John Frew 12/31/2024
Richard Anderson 12/31/2022
Lee Hetrick, Chairperson 12/31/2022
Lori Gysel 12/31/2025