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Welcome To Rush

Fall Photo of Mums, Pumpkins and ScarecrowsHistory Established in 1818, the Town of Rush is a closely-knit rural community located in Western New York about 12 miles south of Rochester. It possesses a unique rural character among the nineteen towns which comprise Monroe County, with both wide-open spaces and wooded areas. Rush is predominantly a suburban, commuter community of the Greater Rochester Area and offers activities for the whole family.

The town offers convenient access to jobs, shopping, and services throughout the metropolitan area, while keeping its serene, safe, small town qualities intact. With its rolling hills and quaint village, Rush is regarded by many as a diamond in the rough, perhaps Southern Monroe County's best kept secret!

Town of Rush Data

Information based on the 2020 U.S. Census, except where noted *
Population: 3490
Population Change (2010-2020): .3% increase
Median Age: TBD
Average Household Size: 2.4 persons
Number of Households: 1486
Median Home Value $221,961
Median Family Income: $93,936
Town Tax Rate (2022 Budget): $3.12% /$1,000 per assessment. All Volunteer Fire Department Tax Rate $ .96/$1,000 
Location: Southern most town in Monroe County
Total Area: 30.6 square miles (19,584 acres) 9632 acres of land used for agriculture (1990 census)
Highest elevation: 787 feet above sea level
Lowest elevation: 525 feet above sea level
Roads: 83 miles total (State-owned: 16 miles; County-owned: 46 miles; Town-owned: 21 miles)
Average Snowfall: (95.0 inches) (Rochester's 30 Year Annual Average)
Mean Temperature: (July) 71.3 degrees Fahrenheit (Rochester's average)
Mean Temperature: (February) 23.6 degrees Fahrenheit