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Brush Removal

Each spring, the Highway Department is responsible for the pick-up of brush and drop-off at the transfer station (Open 24/7 All Year to All Residents). The transfer station is located on Stonybrook Road opposite the park.

Road Maintenance and Snow Removal

The roads within the town are classified as state roads, county roads and town roads. (See below.) Maintenance and safety concerns differ between each jurisdiction. The Rush Highway Department is responsible for the supervision, construction, repair, and maintenance of all town highways and streets and all culverts and storm water drainage systems within the jurisdiction of the town's rights-of-way. (NOTE: A permit required for work on all rights-of-way.) The town contracts with Monroe County for roadside mowing, dead animal pickup and approved summer road work.

The Highway Department is responsible for all snow removal on town roads. The town has contracts with the State of New York and the County of Monroe during the winter months for snow and ice removal services.

Below is a listing of roads by jurisdiction and contact numbers to call:

State Roads

  • East Henrietta Road (Rt. 15A)
  • West Henrietta Road (Rt. 15)
  • Rush Scottsville & Rush Mendon Roads (Rt. 251)
  • State Route 390

For maintenance issues such as repairing pot-holes (and snow removal for Rt. 390 only) contact NYSDOT: (585) 586-4514.

For snow removal (excluding Rt. 390) contact Rush Highway Department: (585) 533-1770.

County Roads

  • East River Road
  • Five Points Road
  • Rush-Henrietta Townline Road
  • Middle Road
  • Honeoye Falls #6 Road
  • Phelps Road (from Works Road to Rt. 15A)
  • Pinnacle Road
  • Rush West Rush Road
  • Telephone Road
  • Woodruff Road
  • Works Road

For maintenance issues contact Monroe County Department of Transportation: (585) 760-7750.

For snow removal, roadside mowing and dead animal pickup contact Rush Highway Department: (585) 533-1770.

Town Roads

All roads not listed above. For maintenance issues and snow removal contact Rush Highway Department: (585) 533-1770.

Application for Driveway Permit

Application to Work Within Town Right of Way

Mailbox and Lawn Damage

During the snow and ice season, the Highway Department will replace any mailbox damaged by a town vehicle, provided it was in good repair and located in the right-of-way prior to being damaged. Lawn damage due to snow and ice removal operations performed by town vehicles will be repaired in the spring by the Highway Department.

Overnight Parking Restricted

There is a No Parking Ordinance in effect on all roads within the Town of Rush between the hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM from November 1st to April 15th of each year.